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Default sudden appearance of subtitles up screen instead of down screen (the normal set)

I run BS player 2.77 version on Win 10 x64 desktop pc platform and I ran into this anomaly: the subtitles, which usually is positioned down (middle screen), when I opened the movie, it set itself UP, on the middle of screen.

- I didn't change in years any settings.
- I don't use any other player
- the movie I talk about has NO hardcoded subtitles (it simply downloaded it automatically from the net)
- I tried other subtitles, for the same movie file I am talking about, the result is the same.
- ALL OTHER movies I have on my pc (THOUSANDS) work as it should with the subtitles displayed DOWN, in the middle of the screen.
- I tried all hints given on the net to solve this issue, nothing worked, so PLEASE DO NOT send me to chase wild geese again!
- I tried other versions of BS player, no luck. I tried to test the movie file with other player. It works normaly with other player, so I am out of ideas and I need help.
- In 30 years I NEVER encountered this weirdness.

Thank you in advance.
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