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Default [SUGGESTION] Predefined Aspect Ratios on PAN-SCAN!

Hi! :D Just wanted to suggest something... :P

BSPlayer already has the "Pan-Scan" and "Custom Pan-Scan" options!
But you could also add predefined Aspect Ratios to the Pan-Scan Menu! :idea:

This way, for example, it would be faster and easier to "enlarge" the picture to better fit on a 4:3 TV screen!
Of course converting 16:9 to 4:3 with Pan-Scan cuts off the lateral parts of the movie, but when viewing a 16:9 movie on a 4:3 television set, watching the movie when it fills the entire screen it seems much better that only having the movie on the central section of the TV with those wasted top and bottom parts of the screen! :D

Some usefull AR's would be: 4:3, 1.85:1 and 1.66:1! :D
And I'm not talking about just changing the Aspect Ratio!
That only stretches/shrinks the image to fit the selected AR... :(
I really mean the "Pan-Scan" option, because this one "zooms" in the image untill it completely fills the screen (or the desired AR).

P.S..: By the way, the "Pan-Scan" doesn't seem to work on a TV screen (when using TV-Out), but I already mentioned this on the "Bugs" section of the forum! :roll:
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