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Default Re: Aspect Ratio for 16:9 TV's

Originally Posted by UnderCover
I believe you can use DirectVobSob to partially overcome this problem.

If you choose "Extend to 16:9" under the general tab and set to "Always load" instead of "Load when needed", it should add black bars to the top and bottom to conform with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Then it shouldn't be necessary to have more than one 16:9 aspect ratio in bsplayer.

Just a theory ... haven't tried it.
It's not about adding bars to the movie it is about changing the aspect ratio so that the signal to your widescreen tv is used optimally. You literally squeeze the image so that you waste less signal on black bars. The tv then does the opposite and unsqueezes it. This results in a better picture on the tv (more pixels).

The reason you need to do this is because most videocards with tvout do not support widescreen tvs. They always send a 4:3 signal. However, most wide screentvs have an option to stretch the image to 16:9. So if you send a squeezed 4:3 signal it will look better when stretched back to 16:9 than if you send a 16:9 image with the black bars taking up most of the pixels.

Classic Media Player has a 'scale to 16:9' option that does just that. I use it all the time. As noted earlier, calculating the proper ratio is very simple (just multiply with 0.75). I have a little toy calculator on my homepage ( that can convert aspect ratios to their anamorhic equivalents.
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