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:!: this post is only my humble opinion ! I don't want to start a flamewar or anything. I respect people with others opinion too... (I write this warning after reading the text I just wrote ;) )

Originally Posted by bonehead
remember cdex, which has been shamelessly leaked, graphically modificated (just a little) and re-released under another name with spywares.
Yes ! See the Linux kernel :D GPL is too bad !

I don't know cdex, but if you distribute some code under the GPL, other people must also redistribute it under the GPL. And I don't know any spywares released under the GPL.

Media Player Classic and VideoLanClient are both under the GPL. Don't forget mplayer (my actual player), xine or the future gstreamer are also under the GPL.

I think it's very important to allow people to modify and to redistribute your code. Yes, CD magazine can make money.. But where's the problem ? It's a lot of publicity for you (your name has to be on the software) and when a big guy will need a hacker, he will say : "hmm.. This software is just what I need. I will give a few thousand of € to the developper, asking him to adapt the software to my company".

But.. that's only a matter of choice.

The most important thing about a free license is that, if the developper stop the software (for any reason), other people can still develop it. I don't know how many people are in the bsplayer team. But if they want to get a real life without a computer, if they have a great full-time job or/and a full time cpuple of kids with ;), they will stop the software. And BSplayer will be dead... All the work will be forgeted (is it the right word ? my english is so bad !)

But that's only my opinion, and I always respect the choice of the author. I only suggest to publish the license of bsplayer.
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