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Old 30th November 2003
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Default What the hell is going on?

Something's really fucked up here.
Every .avi file (divx or xvid, no matter) I try to play with newest (.803)
Bsplayer ends up corrupted! They are in perfect condition beforce opening with BSP, tested it. It goes like this:

1. I open video file with BSplayer, it gives an error repot saying "this file has been corrupted, seeking may be slow"

2. I click play, yes, it works. However, seeking is not slow, there's no SOUND at all!

3. This file had just worked WITH sounds in divx player, and now it doesn't work WITH sound in that either.

WTF is going on?
I runned virus check with Norton 2004, no result.
I'm running on WinXP with newest stuff.
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