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BSPlayer sold my e-mail address?
I whould be very cautious and watch my mouth before making such accusations.
Wonder how BST must feel reading this kind of stuff.He is doing a great job by giving us a great player (considered by many as the best) for FREE in order to be accused by some tiny minded nobody.
I hope he got 10000$ for your dumb email address :)

BST don't even care if you are giving a fake email in order to download the player.If he would indeed care he could check this out when somebody is going to download HIS player but he doesn't ;)
How can you be so shure that your email address wasn't forwarded just by the provider of your email address.It wouldn't be something unusual at all.
Last but not least,wouldn't be more wise to quitt this email address before making such unproved and dumb accusations???
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