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hady 15th March 2011 09:32 AM

Persian language//mollazadeh
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به نام خداوند جان و خرد
ابتدا به همه ي شما فارسي زبانان عزيز سلام عرض مي كنم
اين فايل ترجمه نسخه ي جديد برنامه ي بي اس پلير است كه در سايت براي شما عزيزان قرار داده شده است
اميدوارم كه مورد توجه شما واقع شود
همه ي شما عزيزان مي توانيد با ارسال ايميل به صندوق ايميل من مشكلات را براي من ارسال كنيد

Tizio 16th March 2011 08:27 PM

Please, always add also an English translation to the Persian messages if you write outside the International Main forum

BSPeter 17th March 2011 02:29 AM

Unfortunately the online translation isn't very helpful either:

the name of God, and all the first Farsi speakers around you dear I say hi
translated this file copies of the new program of the CSLF پلیر is on the site for you is
I hope that the fact is you
all you can send an email with the program” fund my problems for me to send your
(e-mail address deleted)

Another online translation:

In the name of God and wisdom
First of all you Persians Hello dear I w
This new version of the file translation program is unique in S. Player site for your loved ones has been placed
I hope that your interest is located
All your loved ones can send email to my email inbox to send me your problems
(e-mail address deleted)

Online translation of the poll:

What is your opinion about the translation?


hady 18th March 2011 01:59 PM

other language BSP_SkinMaker
به نام خداوندجان و خرد
ابتدا به همه ي شما عزيزان سلام و عرض ادب دارم
من امروز براي شما ترجمه برنامه ي ساخت پوسته ي بي اس را قرار دادم
اميدوارم مورد توجه شما واقع شود
به صفحه ي قبل مراجعه كرده واز فرم آن را دانلود كنيد

BSPeter 18th March 2011 02:06 PM

An online translation of post "other language BSP_SkinMaker":

Khdavndjan name and reason
First of all your loved ones and I'm wide literature
Today I have translated for you without a shell building program to put S.
I hope your interest is located
Referring to the screen before it can download the form Vaz


amirdiba 23rd November 2011 12:25 PM

:happyroll:مرسی عزیزم

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