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Dams 2nd March 2003 01:48 PM

Use of ratio (only user added ratio) not work with bsi file
Hi all,

I'm desperate, because of I'm seeing my video with BSP on my TV, and I've got some CD burned with avi and bsi file, and the bsi file don't have user ratio in it, so I have to manualy change the ratio.

I put my user ratio (like 13:8 ), by the preference menu, but I can't access to these new ratios, when I load directly the movie by the BSI file.

I've got only the 16:9,4:3 and original!

It's not very cool and if I load the movie by the AVI file in order to have user ratio, i loose the title and all great things like subtitle, chapter , etc... which are in BSI file.

Solution ???

Dams 4th March 2003 09:04 AM

No one knows ??


El Maich 4th March 2003 08:35 PM

I think I can help...
Okay, I think this will help, but it will mean you burning your CD again.
In the bsi file you need to add this:


Or whatever aspect ration you want. This seems to work, and opens the file in the specified ratio.

NB I was also trying to do this, and managed to find it out just by trying different things. It only took me a few minutes of trying 'AspectRatio=4:3', 'Ratio=4:3' etc. to work it out. Is there an offical way or is this it?

Dams 4th March 2003 09:07 PM

yeah, it can help, but it doesn't solve the problem (call it a bug) that the user ratio added by myself, in the preference of BSP (which reside on my hard disk) are lost when i load my BSI file from the CD.

And i want to have the possibilities to "circle" beetween the multiple user ratio I added.

In fact, its for strech the picture to my TV size (16/9), to expand it

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