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SaYdOc 11th March 2003 05:46 PM

i got trubles with the .avi extencion (all codecs installed)
i dont know whit the BSPlayer throw me an error (unknown file format), y can see the movie with windows media player and the microdvd player, but in BSPlayer i can't.
help me please


Quietseb 11th March 2003 05:52 PM

is it

unknown file format !

unknown file format (XXXX)
(where XXXX can be DIVX, DIV3 ...

if it's the first one, you may try to change the overlay mode in the video preferences. I have no clue what it changes, but sometimes it works...
if it's the latter, your file may be somehow corrupt

SaYdOc 12th March 2003 02:57 AM

(unknown file format!)<------------ that is the error, i have the codecs for .avi extencion, and the others codecs too (divx, ffdshow, DIV3, etc.), and i don't know why can't see the movie in BSplayer, because in microdvd, and the windows media player 9 series i can see the movie.

thanx :wink:


Cul 12th March 2003 04:18 PM

I got same error. It seems to happen, when I play around that force rgb mode option. Overlay is off, because I have some old integrated (intel?) video card in my office (where I'd like to use BSPlayer for checking just downloaded clips). But this error does not occure at once. I can open a movie couple times before it, but then I get Win Illegal Error. BSPlayer opens a movie size black box and draws some color garbage on it, then it crashes.

In my home comp (a good one,where i use BSPlayer mostly), BSPlayer works great.

PS. Sorry about my english.

dtm 13th March 2003 01:43 AM

one solution
I fixed this problem on my player by running ClearReg.exe and unreg.bat (included in the Zip file download). Not sure what caused the problem but it seems to be gone now. DivX avi's play fine, no warning messages.

FYI, the problems I was experiencing happend when attempting to open an AVI with a DivX5 video stream. The messages were 1) a message about switching to RGB mode because my hardware didn't support something... 2) a message that the file format was not recognized.

Note, I had been using a previous version of BSplayer, then upgraded to the latest build as of today.

good luck,


Cul 14th March 2003 08:09 AM

Thanks SaYdOc. That worked for me as well.

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