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Farlight 10th October 2011 10:16 AM

Draw subtitles to Overlay surface Bug v2.59.1059B
Hi guys! Tested with Win7 and Xp (more noticeable with cartoons). Could be that the overlay needs to be updated correctly when you scale the video window ones you have this option checked.

BSPeter 10th October 2011 12:20 PM
Well observed!
New (or legacy) subtitle parser/renderer?
More importantly: rendering mode(s) used?
(Internal renderer overlay?)

Farlight 10th October 2011 02:23 PM

New (or legacy) subtitle parser/renderer?
Oh yeah your right, only seem to effects the "old" subtitle renderer but as new is off as default it could prove a nuisance.

More importantly: rendering mode(s) used?
Yep, seems that it DOES matter what renderer (I didn't think that it would) I use so here are the result (only 1 Win XP test the rest is Win7 thus far):

Internal renderer overlay (for XP)
VMR 7-9
RGB Mode

NOT bugged
Internal renderer overlay (Aero disabled)
DirectDraw Surface
Overlay mixer (Aero disabled)

Can't test:
RGB overlay

Another little glitch is that "Subtitles"->"Check for subtitles Online"->"All" don't seem to respond when you click it manually.

Yeah I'm picky about quality, ain't that why we all love BSPlayer? ;)

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