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skilak 28th November 2011 04:07 PM

dual screen issue with new nvidia drivers
Firstly I am fairly sure this is not a bug with bsplayer, but would like to rule it out and confirm the issue I am seeing.

This behaviour is not present on Nvidia drivers 275.33 but is present on newer drivers, eg: 280.19, 285.78 and 290.36.

I am aware at times that they have broken video playback with certain applications but my personal issue with those newer drivers is as follows:

Windows 7 x64
Bsplayer settings:
Compatibility: Disable visual themes, disable desktop composition, using internal render (hence the compatibility options).

When I have just display #1 enabled, video playback is fine. When I extend my desktop onto the second display:

Playback on display #2 is fine, however now display #1 shows a blackscreen with no video, audio is fine in all cases.

As I say, this issue is not present in 275.33. It is also not present with for example EVR renderer, however for the record I get horrible vsync tearing or some curious stutter every few seconds on one screen using other renderers.

Thanks for any info.

BSPeter 29th November 2011 01:04 PM

I'm afraid I cannot personally help you with this. I know that in the past newly released nVidia drivers also lead to unexpected results at times. It also appears that the driverversions which you mentioned to cause this unexpected behaviour are all beta, whereas the version without this problem (275.33) is a WHQL-version. (There also seems to be a stable WHQL-version 280.26 which you didn't mention having tried it.).
Maybe this is more of an issue for NVIDIA-forums?
(Note I'm just a fellow-BS.Player-user, not a developper or programmer.)
Maybe other BS.Player-users which also use nvidia-based-GPU's can comment?

skilak 29th November 2011 02:16 PM

Well, the newest WHQL nvidia drivers are actually 285.62 but these introduced some sort of playback issue with other software programs that required the beta hotfix drivers 285.79 to fix.

Figuring the issue to be related somehow, I've waited until the newest beta drivers were released (yesterday the 290.36).

The drivers I listed are just ones I have sitting around: Nvidia introduced a completely different issue with their drivers which mean I have to keep reverting to 275.33. I figure if they ever fix this widespread "TDR" issue they have in newer drivers, I'd like to nail down this issue I have with bsplayer too.

It seems specifically that the 285.62 WHQL broke video playback in Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player for many people:
NVIDIA 285.62 WHQL No Video in Windows Media Center - NVIDIA Forums

This only suggests to me that they are playing around with the settings and perhaps some adjustment made in the drivers since 275.33 is no longer compatible with the specific way I am using bsplayer.

If anyone with an nvidia card (preferably 400/500 series, I use 560ti) could confirm the same black screen on one surface when in dualscreen with internal renderer and aero disabled that would be useful in itself.


skilak 30th November 2011 04:40 PM

ok, I can actually reproduce this issue with another media player by setting it's output/renderer to use "DirectX (DirectDraw) video output".

Directdraw acceleration is enabled for both displays but I guess this proves it is not a bsplayer problem.

I don't really know anything much about directdraw and overlays so if anyone can offer any advice beyond sticking to an older driver revision for my nvidia card that would be neat. Or even any terminology to use to file a bug report with nvidia for the problem I am seeing.


aBNormal 16th February 2012 03:09 PM

I have the same issue with dual monitor and overlay default renderer on GeForce 580 also since 285.62 drivers :(

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