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Curiousity 24th April 2003 07:09 AM

Worked until Widows Re-install
I have reviewed this forum, but have not found an answer to the problem that I have. Prior to my re-installation of Windows 98 with formatting, I was running BSplayer without any hitches. I was able to view all movies with Nimoc Codec (AC3, Intervideo), Divx Bundle 5.03, and Xvid codec. Since the re-installation, I can't play most of the movies and BSplayer will not start. It will give "Bplay" when I look to see if it is running in the background. There has to be some file missing that I had prior to my re-installation that allow me to play all the files, but what is it? Any guesses?

Curiousity 25th April 2003 04:22 AM

Working now...
Okay, for all those who hasn't gotten it to work under Windows 98SE with only the "bplay" running in the background. Something weird happened. I continued installing the remaining programs due to the reformatting and now the program works. Very strange. I erased all references of Bsplayer in my computer registry. I installed a few programs and then it worked. I don't know what files were needed to get this to work. Still, I am unable to play several movies and thus, I figure I'm missing a few codecs. No matter the order of installation, I still can't view a good number of movies.

At the very least, for anyone who has run into the same problem, try eliminating all references of the program from the registry and reinstalling with the exe file.

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