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deraven 25th April 2003 06:02 PM

cant access temp directory (i know you ans' this Q..but ...)
yes i'v read the FAQ for like 2 hours but the only ans at page 13!!!! at bug reports was in german or some duche lingo.... and my win-XP is in english....
i searched my computer for that temp bsp file and didnt not find it
allso i did try Chkdsk on the CMD line but it didnt work.
i'v clicked on the link that you have under the line THERE but it's a no show (page cant be displayed)

so PlEaSe help me 'cause i love BSPlayer it's the best player iv got
more then :
windows media player
real one
zplayer or what ever is out there....

so please dont write "look at FAQ or Bug report"

Quietseb 26th April 2003 02:42 PM

there's a search button that can bring useful answers (and less useful results, that's true) in one page (not 13, just 1 :P )... works quite well...

it brings up for instance

which contain some more infos

deraven 26th April 2003 03:16 PM

tnkx it worked!!!!
finaly i can re-use BSPlayer
thank you again.....
you can add that link to u'r FAQ it will help alot of people since it's a recorent thing....

Quietseb 26th April 2003 03:24 PM

I have not (not yet, and not before a while :( ) written a bsplayer faq ;)

I agree BST's faq needs a refresh but he hasn't been around for a while :(

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