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Howler81 9th May 2003 06:24 PM

A solution to an old problem.

My graphics card (nvidia geforce2) plays things very dark, so I NEEDED my overlay to correct my video. However, I kept trying to load an Xvid, and it kept saying "OVERLAY FAILED."

The solution was so simple it is embarrasing: I had the folder open where the video was, and thus the tiny Windows Media Player PREVIEW WINDOW was open... Apparently my graphics card was focusing on that instead of giving me my overlay. That was why the overlay wouldn't work. I just closed the folder, and the overlay popped right back up.

I realize there are probably dozens of causes for Overlay failures, though. This is just a quick fix for a silly one that I should have caught onto earlier.

If this helps anyone, I'd appreciate a reply post.

snarky 14th May 2003 02:01 PM

It helped me but not in the way i thought it would... I have an IBM A30 Laptop with W2000 and a ATI Radeon mobility with TV out... I was getting picture on the TV but where the movie was supposed to be, in BSP and WMP, there was a kind of dark red color instead... I tried everything but no luck.... but then after browsing this forum and your post i aktivated preview on the folders, bsplayer gave "Overlay failed!" BUT now i saw the movie! :D The only annoyance now is that the movie appears a little choppy on the TV but runs smoothly on the TFT...

none 18th May 2003 11:36 PM

Solve and problem
1- For ati, try to get less frequence
2- for the solution for overlay, my pb is not solve, all windows were close, windows media player disable, and the overlay dont walk.

ps : excuse for my english, i'm french

none 20th May 2003 07:51 AM

The solution for overlay on TV

You make your Tv like Primary monitor and your computer screen like secondary monitor.
But this manipulation should be make all time if you want to see video on tv, the solution is tvtool. [/url]

Dundum Dee Dum Tof 23rd May 2003 05:24 PM

Idon't know if it helps.

But once I got the 'overlay failed' message. Without any reason, I just tried to lower the resolution and after that the bs player overlay mode worked perfectly.

:?: :lol:

rupert2020 26th May 2003 03:14 AM

:) BS player rocks, I found a simple solution to an overlay failed warning message. I had a simple desktop graphic, ie Display Properties>Desktop> Background (Position on Center) and I receivced the message. I simply made the Background (Position Stretch) and volia' the overlay fail warning stopped. Happy viewing....

TeufGamer 5th June 2003 08:24 PM

Another Solution Perharps... works fine for me... hope u2...
Hi there,

I've had this problem with a GF4Ti4200 and I have read this solution :

Go to your card properties, Direct3d settings and put 2Mo for the PCI texture size, apply, reboot...

WORKS FOR ME !!!!!! :D

PS : Have you think to install your mobo AGP drivers...? I've read also that sometimes it's the problem...


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