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Basilio Cat 17th May 2003 07:53 PM

Another bug with subtitles
If subtitles (seems like any format, tested on MicroDVD and SubRip ones) contain character 0xFE (dec 254) or "ю" (it is used in Russian for example), it is skipped (not printed) and also next character skipped too. At the end on line there are some non-printed chars (probably random, or zeroes 0x00 ).

P.S.: I saw such problem in RadLight, it showed almost same problem on 0xFF =)) Well, i know windows-1251 encoding suxx, since some ppl use upper chars as contorl ones or whatever, but we've gotta live with it anyway =)))

[edit: this forum consider Russian "ю" as a crap too, converting it to html entities =]

Dundum Dee Dum Tof 20th May 2003 06:58 PM

The first 128 characters are common to all countries.

The next 128 are specific to a particular one.

Lauch a film. In your menu select

Sub-titles -> Fonts -> Script -> Select the option that corresponds to your "country"

Hope it helps.

Basilio Cat 31st May 2003 10:15 PM

Well, displaying subtitles has nothing to do with font's language. I've set script to right one. All national chars are displayed correctly except one. And moreover, that char definitely mess up things in BSplayer. Naturally, in other programs (VobSub :idea: for example), all chars are displayed...

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