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jason601 18th June 2003 12:53 PM

MPEG2 playlist problems
I have extracted an MPEG2 file from a SVCD disc to my hard disc. If I double click the MPG file, BSplay lauches and the movie plays with no problems.

If I put the same MPG file in a playlist, then save the playlist to a file, I cannot start the movie from the playlist. When launched, bsplay does nothing, the playlist shows the MPG file. Manually starting from the playlist gives the following error:

'List Index out of Bounds'

Obviously, to play a single file, I can just launch it via an alias with no problems. But films that are 2 or 3 MPG files dont work.

I also tried starting a file through an alias, then adding a second to the playlist (by dragging). The first file played to the end, but would not advance to the second file.

I have no problems doing the same thing with AVI files. The same thing happends in versions 0.85 and 0.86.

Any and all help appreciated.

jason601 20th June 2003 08:53 AM

Just in case anyone else gets the same problem, I re-extracted the MPG files from the SVCD disks using ISObuster with the M2F2 option. Now they work perfectly.

MikeLeeToris 5th September 2003 04:12 AM


I got almost the same problem as you, except I do a tricky thing: I have two VCD (or SVCD) movie in two CDROM drives. My movies aren't extracted on harddisk.

As the VCD directory and naming structure is imposed, both movies have the same name (AVSEQ01.MPG).

When I playlist only one movie, I got the same problem than Jason. When I double-click on the CD1/part1 movie or open it in BS, the movie is loaded and able to play. So now I could see it in the playlist.

Now, in the playlist, I add the CD2/part2 movie THAT GOT THE SAME BASENAME THAN FIRST ONE, and at the end of 1st movie, BS don't pass to second movie in the playlist.

So, I think there's a problem with movie inside VCD structure. And a second problem with naming and pointing in the playlist, movie could have the same name, but they belong to different drives. So, the completed path is well referenced:

J:\MPEG2\avseq01.mpg & K:\MPEG2\avseq01.mpg are not the same files!!!

Any idea?

sik 30th September 2003 04:41 PM

Same problem @ me :(

Tested with Versions from 0.86.490 - 501...

I think i can´t rember this problem before i reinstalled my system. But I not shure...

Greats sIk

Windows XP Pro ++ Asus A7n8x Deluxe ++ Athlon XP 2500+ ++ Gainward Geforce FX5200

sik 14th October 2003 05:39 PM

Hi BSPeter or any other!
No idea to solve our problem?
I think the pathnames are the problem.. is there any option to see the full path in BSPlayer?
Greets sIk

adicoto 14th October 2003 08:10 PM

Do you use the built-in windows MPEG decoder ?
Have you tryied to use another decoder, like elecard ?

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