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TheJack 26th June 2003 10:24 PM

Problems with overlay
So, here's the problem. I cannot play movies with ''use overlay'' enabled. If that's enabled, I get ''Overlay failed'' message, and the movie doesn't start. It doesn't matter, if I use Mode 1 or Mode 2. It's the same with DivX and XviD movies.

VIA KT266 chipset (DFI AD70-SC)
athlon 900
Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 32 MB (Kyro II) with Hercules's latest drivers (16.55)
onboard sound (drivers from VIA's site)
WinXP SP1 (WMP 9)
DivX 5.05 (with everything enabled, except ''Yuv extended mode'' - if that's enabled, there's no picture) - I tried other versions
BSP build 497 - I tried other (older) builds

Strangely enough, ffdshow doesn't work either on this computer - there's no picture.

On my other computer (with radeon9000) everything works fine.

adicoto 27th June 2003 09:11 PM

Have you tryied "force rgb mode" in bsplayer options ? Some video cards cannot create overlay surface.

TheJack 27th June 2003 11:01 PM

Yes, I tried that. If that's checked, I get ''Unknown file format (DIV3)'' message if I try to open a movie.

Is there anyone here that has a Kyro (II) card? Do others with this card have the same problems? Is the problem with the card or the drivers? Card is not that old, so it *should* support overlay, but I am not an expert on this.

adicoto 28th June 2003 09:47 AM

Kyro is somehow different from nvidia and ati cards. It is not old but has some diferences. So, maybe it's capabilities are not well implemented yet. The message you get is because you don't have the divx3.11 codec or file is corrupted. If you have installed the divx 5 codec enable the option "use divx to decode mp43,div3........" option of bsplayer.

trodas 28th June 2003 11:21 AM

I would only recommend the lastest ffdshow build.

And check your manual, if the card supports at least overlay 1 (YUV420) colorspace. For DVD support its used YUV422 (mode2).

So, if your manual says about DVD support (hell, even oldie SiS 630E chipset have DVD playback support!!!), then your card support overlay and problem are into drivers or so.

...well, and at least, dude, get a decent nVidia card :wink:
(avoid ATI, tought - problems with drivers, too crappy - see

TheJack 29th June 2003 02:31 AM

adicoto: I only get that message, if "force rgb mode" is enabled. Both, 3.11 and 5.05 divx codecs are installed.

trodas: I did use the latest ffdshow (2003-05-23).

Unfortunately I bought a used computer, and I didn't get the manual for graphics card with it (the card was probably OEM version anyway). I will try to find some information on kyro-dedicated sites.

In my other computer I had GeForce 2 and now I have radeon 9000 pro. I never had any serious problems with BSPlayer.

TheJack 29th June 2003 02:49 AM

Well, I found this

What Overlay modes does KYRO I/II support?

Overlay is defined as displaying a streaming video from an external source, such as a live video feed or a VCR, directly to the screen in real time. This live video stream can, for example, be created by a hardware DVD decoder or by a Video Capture Card. To reduce CPU overhead and bus usage, the video is passed directly to the graphics card and piped directly to the screen, thus overlaying the video on top of the current Windows desktop.

The overlay input for KYRO I and II is limited to a width of 756 pixels. There are different types of overlay; most common are the 420 and 422 formats, which are both fully hardware accelerated by the KYRO Hardware. RGB overlays are not supported. Updated versions of Codecs (software in control of the overlay) should support multiple output formats, older versions might only support the RGB overlay type. If a movie player fails you might have to change some options/preferences through your application or overlay hardware control panel. If you cannot find a working setting you need to update your Codec to a version that supports the 420 or 422 format.

I guess I'll try the new generic powervr drivers (2.00), which I noticed arrived a short time ago (I'm using drivers from Hercules now). Maybe it'll help.

TheJack 29th June 2003 10:42 PM

It seems, that I found the problem.

I have the resolution on this computer set to 1152x864 at 90 Hz (maximum that monitor allows at this resolution).

If I change resolution to 1024x768 (100 Hz), the overlay works fine!

Now I understand even less than before...

trodas 30th June 2003 11:26 AM

"The overlay input for KYRO I and II is limited to a width of 756 pixels." - what a crap... DVDs are 720 pixels wide, but widescreenanamorphicaly scaled to 853 - what means that KYRO II are very close to its limits, as the import is 720 and maximum is 756...
Imagine now a WM9 with 1900x1080i resolution and... :shock:

TheJack - its easily to understand, dont you know how? Because the card cannot handle the additional bandwitch, you have to lover the resolution first. Personally, i prefer as low resolution, as possible for cleaner picture for movies playback.
Thats where the "no scale video on fullscreen take place"... :twisted:

TheJack 30th June 2003 04:19 PM

Thank you for the explanation.

I'll try various settings and resolutions and see, which works best for me.

Thanks again!

vunna 1st July 2003 02:01 PM

check if you have Netmeeting or any other VOIP application running. These applications are using DDraw surface, and than you can't use overlay mode in BS player. If you do have them, turn off these apps (or their running processes) and then restart player.

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