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tulipzp 24th February 2013 01:28 AM

Not responding when fast forward is used
File info:

Type : SDTV Rip
Format : Matroska
Container : mkv
Video : AVC 400 Kbps
Resolution : 625 x 480 Pixels
Framerate : 23.976 fps
Audio : AAC Stereo 48 KHz
Overall bitrate : 451 Kbps
Writing application : MKmerge 2.0.2
Writing library : libebml v0.7.7 + libmatroska v0.8.1

subtitles loaded, when fast forward is used (rightarrow key) bsplayer randomly stops responding with no further reaction
killing a process with windows task manager seems to be the only option
any info i can get about my system, you just name it
thanks in advance

BSPeter 24th February 2013 06:19 PM

Please note that right arrow key is not the (default) key for FF, so I'll make my reply more generic.

If you're using the default keys and didn't redefine these:
Arrow left/right are default for "Seek backward" respectively "Seek forward"
Default keys for "Fast rewind" resp. "Fast forward" are: [Ctrl]+[F6] resp. [Ctrl]+[F5]
Default keys for "Jump backward" resp. "Jump forward" are [,] resp. [.] (comma resp. dot).

When (using the seeking feature) you want to step through the movie "frame by frame" (in "Paused" status): make sure that "Seek by keyframes (AVI and MKV files)" is unchecked/deselected under (rightclick >) Options > Preferences > General [General settings]
(Also make sure you don't use "overlay" rendering mode, like e.g. "overlay mixer" under Options > Preferences > Video > [Video rendering].)
Note that the seeking feature depends on the possibilities of the decoder/filter used! *)

Concerning the "Jump"-feature: you may set the number of "Seconds to jump" under Options > Preferences > General [General settings]
(in the bottom right corner just above "History items to keep").

To know which filters/codecs are actually used by BS.Player for a specific file:
(with that file loaded) rightlick > Options > Preferences > Filters > Advanced
Make sure to also click on "Source" and on the small [+]-signs in front of the codecs/filters shown.
Doing so will provide further info on (and access to) those codecs/filters).

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