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alex52 18th April 2013 09:58 PM

How to use CoreAVC Video Decoder to play *.mkv?
BS.Player Pro v2.63 Build 1071.
WinXP. Integrated video 8 MB, without video card. Display 800x600. Simply to watch 720p. without HD quality. At 720p movie on slow PC, mplayer unsync. sound, and I hope that BS.Player with CoreAVC can help to improve this.

I'm trying to add CoreAVC Video Decoder as Intermediate Filter for plying *.mkv, but when I press OK in the "Filter manager" window, sometimes "An error occurred in the application". but sometimes not.
And even after error, the CoreAVC Video Decoder is appeared in the "Filter Priority" windows.
Nevertheless, when starting *.mkv file, the BS.Player can not find necessary codecs, and offers to load Haali codecs. But I strictly need to use only CoreAVC for plying 720p on the slow PC.

The same situation with the last free BS.Player online installed, and also after deleting, registering again, and re-registering CoreAVC Video Decoder in the BS.Player settings (with the correct pass to
Also. CoreAVC Pro 3.0.1 and CoreAVC Pro 2.0.0 were tested with the same results.
Also. tried with (ffdshow. haali. and so on). and without (any at all) other codecs installed. or disabled.

1. How to use CoreAVC Video Decoder to play *.mkv?

I hoped to solve this problem, starting BS.Player from command line (from *.bat file), but can not find necessary flag in the cmdline.txt file.

2. How to use third party codecs to start BS.Player from command line?
Is there command line manual for BS.Player?

adicoto 19th April 2013 05:01 AM

To decode a stream you need at least 3 filters. The first one is the splitter, which splits the video stream from the audio stream. After that, the video stream is decoded by the video decoder and the audio one, by the audio decoder. CoreAVC is a video decoder, and it can be used only if a splitter feeds it with a video stream. So, first you need to have an MKV splitter, such as Haali or Gabest MKV splitter.

DCA82 4th May 2013 06:04 AM

So what is a good audio decoder?

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