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quentin 6th August 2003 11:10 PM

audio/video asynchronised
I downloaded a movy in .avi and have got sound + image but they are not synchronised. Do you have an idea, I couldn't find answers int his bug reports forum.

BSPeter 7th August 2003 12:36 AM

This issue was raised in this forum quite a few times already. If you use the [Search] button you will find it easily.
The best solution is to resync the subtitles (which often come from a different source than the movie). I personally use (and very much like) "subsync" which you can download from Vladimir's site at pandora belgium.
E.g. see:

quentin 7th August 2003 06:22 PM

I read it
Thank you BSPeter for your help but I had read this topic, it talks about problem between subtitle and video. My question is about audio / video. I ear the sound 0.5 sec 4 secondes before the image ... and trust me, I tried to follow a movy : it's almost impossible !
Do you have an answer for this asynchronisation ?


BSPeter 9th August 2003 11:33 AM

:oops: You're so right.
I apparently didn't read your question properly and more or less "jumped to a conclusion"
I'll make a billboard for myself saying:
"First put brain at work before letting fingers tap the keyboard". :P

However, I have occasionally come across your problem in the past with a few videos and I've always been able to rectify it using VirtualDub.
Whilst using "direct stream copy" for both audio and video, you can use the "auto skew correction" of the "interleaving" tab of "audio".
Maybe you have to fiddle around a bit first to get it right, but I've always succeeded. (And you do not have to do the whole video to try of course; just a short piece (with voice) will do to find out if the setting you're using is OK!)

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