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orka 12th August 2003 05:40 PM

flipped image (up is down & down is up)
I've just a little, little, little.....VERY ENORMOUS problem...
when I view a movie, every kind of movie, the image is flipped.
The sky become the ground and viceversa.

:cry: pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!! :cry:

there is a patch for this bug, or can you say me what could I do?

TKS ^_^

BSPeter 12th August 2003 08:11 PM

The answer to (i.a.) this question is given several times in this forum already (try the "search"-button) and also in the "unofficial" FAQ:

orka 12th August 2003 09:37 PM

HI & Tks.
I've read previous post about this problem yet, and I've tried with the suggestions that I've found...but the sky is still the ground :cry:

it seams that my video adapter isn't capable of overlay...
do you know a way to convince my adaper??? I don't whip, flame, hanging.... :mrgreen:

BSPeter 12th August 2003 10:59 PM

Did you follow the suggestions you found after using the "search"-button?
(e.g. the ones concerning fddshow).
(Just a hint: click "Search" and use "upside" as search key after which open the found items each in their own window, so that you can simply close same after reading, without the need to "search" again and again, but instead can easily work your way down the list of found postings.)
I'm pretty sure the answer to your problem is already somewhere in those postings.

orka 13th August 2003 10:30 AM

I've tried the first time in the way you say...but without results.
I'll try another time today.....
hoping that sky will return the sky.

poppel 21st August 2003 08:36 AM

if it's only in xvid (as it is with me) just go to the xvid options and select "flip video" or somethig like that.

Corporations_Own_You 28th August 2003 03:52 PM

Xvid woes Solved
Remember there are many, many versions of Xvid and some of them really do suck. I have had massive problems with Xvid, from flipped screens to black screens to green screens to screens that look like I took too much acid(or just enough hehe). I suggest going HERE to get a GOOD version of Xvid, since this is the one that I think worked for me: :wink:

Koepi' stable build:

XviD-04102002-1 _ALPHA_ Release

Based on CVS from 04.10.2002 07:30h MET

PS uninstall all other xvids and delete anything xvid including .ax and .dll from your sytem first, REBOOT then install this Xvid and pray.

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