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bluedan 24th August 2003 01:03 PM

faulty matroska support persists in 501
BSplayer still crashes when trying to open an .mkv (Matroska) file.
Matroska is a newly designed advanced container format to replace restrictive .AVI format, similar to OGM.
Matroska support has been introduced to bsplayer since 499, I think.
When the player crashes it does not launch any error message, it just closes.
This mkv file contains ogg vorbis audio streams. I installed CoreVorbis filter for playback, latest matroska demuxer in use from GABEST, see
CoreMediaPlayer plays the file but out of synch.
Graphedit filter graph is ok, but picture is way to slow again, but I think that is more CoreVorbis filter related (reading time stamps? granupelos?).
At least bsplayer should be able to open that file!
What are your experiences? If you like (BST?!) try this chunk and tell me if it is running, thank you.

bond 24th August 2003 07:17 PM

when it doesnt work in graphedit, there is something wrong in the file itself!

bluedan 25th August 2003 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by bond
when it doesnt work in graphedit, there is something wrong in the file itself!

This is not correct. It may also be a faulty filter in the graph.
As the graph is build correctly which means that it could be rendered I suppose that it is not corrupted.
The filters (in this case the mksplitter) work with audio streams other than ogg vorbis, though picture kicks in much to late.

BST, will you have a look at it next time??

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