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moocher 3rd September 2003 04:31 PM

BS Player "Freezes" with certain files ...
Hello !!!

BS is the best - there is "GrayWindow" issue at all Players at some movies (Win Media, DivX, Crystal and so on), but BS is working normaly, and I like the that there is so much settings ...

1.) But anyway, does anyone experiencing the same issue with some definite files (files I get from friend, and only with his files) - BS Player "freezes" - error message, module bsplay.exe (especialy with avi and divx format) - if "seeking", pausing, jumping forward/backward, or doing any action,
but if I try to watch without interrupting, it works !!!

2.) Problem watching again only some definite files (Video Clips from Alizee) in fullscreen (again in fullscreen BS "freezes", and must end process with TaskManager), but if watching in "normal mode" (not fullscreen) it works properly ...

Do anyone know why, does anyone have the same problem ???

And last time I got message to send log file to BS Player - but I don't know where to send it !!!

Tadey from SLOVENIJA

BSPeter 3rd September 2003 09:24 PM


...with certain files
Can you indicate what type of files (codec used) exactly?
If you don't know, you could find out using an application like GSpot or AviCodec.

moocher 9th September 2003 04:50 AM

[quote="BSPeter"][quote]...with certain files

- Yes, only with some of "movie" files (especialy avi and mpeg - as mentioned only with files from one friend),

- and second problem with some Video/Music files (only four Alizee Video Spots) - the problem that I could watch this four clips only if watching in "normal mode" - so couldn't watch them in "Full-screen" (if I watch in Full-screen BS Player freezes ...) and all this only if having Nimo Pack installed (could not watch them nor with "DivX 5.049 all in 1", nor with "DivX 5.05 bundle", nor with "DivX 5,1 Pro" - if separately installed, without old codecs which Nimo has included ...)



BSPeter 9th September 2003 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by moocher
only with some of "movie" files (especialy avi and mpeg - as mentioned only with files from one friend

I'm afraid "avi" doesn't really tell what codec (compression) is used.
That's why I gave you the links.
These utilities can give you the information about which codec is used for an avi and whether you've got these installed on your PC.

Further it could be of interest to know which build of BSPlayer you're using. The latest version is 86 build 501 of 06-Sep-03.
If you have a pre 500 version first install 500
and subsequently place the substituting files of build 501 in BSPlayer's installation directory overwriting the existing files with the same name).

(By the way: is "Use DvX 4 decoder for ...etc " selected/checked in "Options''/"Preferences"/"Video") ?

moocher 9th September 2003 09:48 PM


I am using BS Player v_086.500, upgraded with bplay086.500 debug ...

off-course I will upgrade emediately, but don't you think "debug" version is more reliable and "better" in general ???

Bye, moocher

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