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hainan 8th September 2003 10:03 PM

subtitle overlay mode 1 re-position crash + mode 2 not work
I have the latest latest build : 0.86 b501

the Draw subtitle on overlay mode 2 surface doesn't work ; it only display subtitle in the primary display and we can re-position it without crashing the app

This is my user requirement : to position freely and watch subtitle on the overlay surface (TV) :
this is working with overlay mode 1 but when i try to move the subtile into the black downside bar the app is crashing :x

any help ? :roll:

BSPeter 8th September 2003 11:10 PM

You did not mention what kind of videocard you have and if you use Clone-mode or ...
If its a Nvidia card you could try what happens if you e.g. don't use overlay (both on BSPlayer's "Video" -tab of "Preferences" and for the video-card: right-click on an empty place of your desktop-screen, select screen properties and find your way to the advanced section ... If there is a tab for your Nvidia card, click on it. You may have to go through e.g. "Additional properties" of a tab of your card's name. There probably is an "Overlay tab", where you can select, deselect or disable overlay.
(You may try different combinations of settings and perhaps also include selection or deselection of VMR-9 (at BSPlayer's "Video"-tab) in your tests.)

hainan 9th September 2003 11:14 AM

my card is a nvidia geforce2 mx 400 64mb with latest detonator fx driver on Win XP Pro.
On Advanced tab of video friver setting, I have set Overlay on secondary monitor (TV) with clone mode

I am using overlay because i dont want to downgrade the resolution of my primary monitor (which is set to 1152*768) to 800*600 wich is the maximum setting for my TV output)

I will try to de-select VMR-9 (what is that :?: )


BSPeter 9th September 2003 10:50 PM

Hmmm, isn't 1152*768 a rather uncommon resolution?
However, in my setup my primary screen is 1024x768 and my secondary screen 800x600.

In BSPlayer I have deselected (unchecked) "Use overlay ..."
(In fact for this test the only thing I selected/checked on "Video"-tab is "Use DivX 4 decoder for ...")
In my GeForce 4 MX440 "settings I have deselected (unchecked) "Use Overlay in case of TV-tuner problems" (Free translation from Dutch) Also "Video-mirror settings" (again a free translation for the button which leads you to the Advanced settings page for the nView Clone modus) "Full screen" are switched off.
(Settings of my wife's PC, who has a GeForce2 MX400 like you, are the same).
In Clone mode subtitles are shown both on our primary screen and on TV and subtitles can be placed anywhere we want!
(Both my wife and I are on Windows Me)


Concerning VMR-9 see this post:

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