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keno 3rd October 2003 11:59 PM

Two serious unreported bugs! Help please.
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(I've searched the somewhat short FAQ and these forums all over and couldn't find any of these mentioned. I apologize if these issues have already been resolved)

I've been having these glitches for a while now.
Cleaned registry and reinstalled build 501, but alas, they remain.

#1: As you can see in the attached capture, overlay or no overlay, YV12 on or off, the video in the play window gets "shoved" to the left left like 200 pixels by what appears to be a band which consists of a distorted (unevenly resized) image of a part of my desktop.

If I move the play window around, the image of the desktop moves with it, which suggests an overlay problem, but even with overlay off, I still get this.

Strangely enough, the video displaying on the TV is normal (I am using Nvidia's in-driver util for auto playing overlay on TVout, and yes even with this turned off the problem persists).

To add to the weirdness, the captured jpeg shows the band on the left side of the play window, while it actually shows on the right. I captured using "what you see" option.

Needless to say having a big part videos hidden and replaced by a weird band makes viewing videos on screen a bit annoying, though I still use BSPlayer for viewing on TV.

#2: BSplayer seems to go on an endless loop of going fullscreen and back to desktop over and over again on some AVIs (though not mpeg4 ones like xvid, divx, etc). I've noticed the mouse cursor gets centered every time it goes back to desktop (by centered I mean positioned at X-1/2X, Y-1/2Y). Closing the app with ALT-F4 gives a crash.

Relevent configuration:

BSPlayer 0.8 build 501
NV31 (GeForce 5600) w/ latest detonator drivers
WinXP SP1 w/ DX9
TV as second monitor

Quietseb 4th October 2003 01:34 PM

about issue #1

a few other people have encountered this kind of problem I think, no solution so far I believe (not sure, and sorry I'm little time to check right now)

I happen to have suffered this yesterday [and yesterday only]. The only change I can think of is that I had 2 displays connected to my video outputs [2 monitors, no TV]

I've had only one display connected since then, and no problem

when going full screen the picture was correctly displayed (although I couldn't choose the monitor on which to display, but it was only quick test and I'm not used to dual display yet)

bsplayer 0.86.501 16 sept,
ati radeon 9000 (mobility)

I can't confirm this right now, I might conduct further tests tonight to see if it happens again

keno 4th October 2003 02:14 PM

Overlay on top (shift-a) partial workaround
Just noticed that if I enable "always on top overlay mode", the band (bug #1) disappears, but the play window is not moveable or resizable, which is a major downside to this workaround.

The same behaviour does not occur when using the normal "always on top", so this is indeed overlay related.

The question is - how to get rid of it without having the play window always on top and less flexible.

Quietseb 4th October 2003 08:58 PM

tests below in overlay mode 1

1st scenario

1. I play a movie in single screen mode, it plays ok; I close bsplayer
2. I extend my desktop on the 2nd screen
I play a movie
on the main screen, it's not displayed correctly in windowed mode but ok in fullscreen
3. I move the movie window on the secondary screen, wait for the overlay change to take effect [very important !]. It displays ok in both windowed and fullscreen modes
4. going back to the main screen changes nothing, the bar is still here

2nd scenario
1. I play a movie in single screen mode, it plays ok
2. I extend my desktop on the 2nd screen [without closing bsplayer]
the movie is still displayed correctly on the main screen [in both windowed and fullscreen modes]
3. I move the movie window on the secondary screen. The movie window is blank and stays blank; no overlay change happens, 2nd screen can't be used [like bsplayer hadn't been notified that the 2nd screen exists, or maybe the overlay surface hasn't been extended to the 2nd monitor]; going full screen blanks the main screen.
4. If we close bsplayer, we're back to step 2 of the 1st scenario

note: tested scenario 2 with overlay mode 2/force RGB mode (=> no overlay) with same results
I conducted my tests with a secondary PC monitor, not a TV; I don't know what the differences would be [except for a resolution change]

my video card is an ATI mobility radeon 9000 (driver
I can't tell how different a geforce based video card is when it comes to dual display

P.S. I realize that this doesn't help you much :-/

keno 5th October 2003 11:44 PM

The more information the developer(s) have about these issues, the faster they can fix this bug, so you are helping me :)

Nothing I do gets rid of this bug. Cleaned all codecs installed and reinstalled only a few and both problems persist.

keno 7th October 2003 11:56 PM

ANY dev or BSPlayer gurus reading this forum AT ALL?!
Been a week since I posted this and only one guy was kind enough to even type a response.

HackerWerger 8th October 2003 12:42 PM

Dual display is used by only few people. So, it is reasonable not to have many replies.
Please think before you post and accuse people like that. :evil:

Sintel 14th October 2003 10:54 PM

I have something related - using radeon 8500 with latest cats - using overlay 1, projecting overlay to tv-out - using bsplayer 086.501 + dx9 (but bug has been in every build i ever tried, and also with dx8 and all catalysts 2.5+).

a big green bar appears on the right side of the screen ONLY on the TV, not on the monitor. In recent releases (builds 500+) the bar turned black but is still there.


disable overlay
force rgb mode (otherwise only get garbled video output)
the video then works fine put picture is flipped, so 'flip video' in codec settings.

Then put fullscreen

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