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kebab 13th February 2014 10:58 PM

Same bug for last 4years: Double framerate of movies in mkv container
Hi everyone,

For some last 4 years I did not use BSplayer because it couldn't display proper fps of movies in mkv container. Now I am looking for good paid alternative to VLC but I can see that nothing has been done with this bug.

BSplayer counts frames x2 and no subtitle would match a movie of 47,952, 48 or 50fps.

It is pointless from my point of view to buy a pro version that will not handle movies in mkv containers (all Blueray rips, multi audio stream rips, etc.).

Could anyone help me to troubleshoot this, please.

Below is a screen of Mediainfo and BSplayer handling the same simple avc movie.

adicoto 14th February 2014 06:13 AM

To actually see the real framerate, while playing the file press ALT+3. In Mediuf framerate field you will see something like 24,97 or 25 fps.
Even if that field displays 50 fps, the file will actually play @ 25 fps, so any subtitle will work OK.
Try to change rendering methode (rightclick-> options -> preferences -> video -> rendering methode (right tab). Select for example Internal renderer and see if something has changed.

kebab 14th February 2014 10:21 PM

Thanks for quick help. Changing to internal renderer fixed the problem. EVR renderer however count the frames x2 and that is why subtitles based on frame count do not work.

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