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Myron 24th January 2015 12:53 AM

Audio file ordering - not played in order! (playlist mode)
using BSPfree 1.22.176 on Android
Playlistmode enabled, and "add all in same directory"

When listening to audiobooks, the titles are not played in order!
In previous versions, we had the option to sort the lists, but this seems to be gone
(but did never work that well in the past; "Order by name" was sometimes filename or id3 trackname)

After adding them for queued playing, when switching to library mode->current playlist, i'll see all my tracks in correct order (named like the filename of the files) - good :)
But when playing them (or switching to display->grid view) the ID3 tags get read, and the playlist is completely disordered!

my filenames are like
001 - Dunno.mp3
002 - A new blabla.mp3
003 - cee that.mp3
and have correct ID3 tags

readd better sorting options
or always sort by filename! (and/or track number)

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