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Theophile 19th November 2003 12:04 PM

some problems with decoding file and audio....
hi! please excuse-me for my english but i'm not an english my english level is scholastic

i have some problems with the audio and the reproducing of video with bsplayer 1.00.800........

i have downloaded some codecs and files that i had found on this forum that should help the program to reproduce videos correctly....

but i always have problems:
first with the audio.......the image is reproduced clearly, fluently.... but the audio of the movie is skipping......

second: sometimes i can't open a movie because the program says: "unknow file format: div3"..... what codecs should i have to reproduce this file??

a last question: to run correctly bsplayer must i have one codec of official divx codec (as for example divx codec 3.x or 4.x) or even if i haven't divx codec the program can run correctly????

thank a lot to anyone who will reply me......

Tizio 19th November 2003 03:40 PM

Hi Theophile!
Try reading following threads:

There are listed some codecs which can help you.

Regarding DivX codecs' provenience, I don't know which 'other' codec do you mean, but I think ffdshow filters can reproduce DivX files.
Sorry for my poor answer, but I don't want to suggest something wrong :oops:

Hope this can help you! :wink:

Theophile 20th November 2003 01:14 PM

Hi Tizio.

Thanks for your reply: it was wery interessant.....

I had already downloaded all the codecs that are listed at
and also the ffdshow decoder........ now I will install them on my computer.... I hope that they work correctly and won't have interferences between one and the other.....

Do you know if I need to install all the codecs or if is enough to install some of them, for example only the ffdshow or I don't know which one???

thanks a lot for your patience accorded to me

Tizio 20th November 2003 08:01 PM

You have to install all the codecs you need, try using GSPOT, it tells you which codecs you need to reproduce your movies.

I think ffdshow is a must have, install also AC3 filters and DivX 5.x original codec.
Otherwise try installing and trying needed codecs one by one...

Hope this will fix all of your problems!! :wink:

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