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Turbo 27th November 2003 05:51 PM

problems watching FLCL
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I downloaded FLCL in ogm format ([AC] rip). They use Xvid for video and Ogg for audio. The prob is, when there is a point where the subs should come up, BSplayer crashes. I can watch it if I disable subs, but I prefer Japanese sound, and without the subs I don't understand a word from it.
With version 8x, I can disable subs in BSplayer itself, but that leaves me with the same prob. In BSplayer 1 (newest version), if I disable subs, it will not even load the movie, it will crash (thats a known bug I believe).

If I uninstall the Xvid codec, the player will load and the video will use the Ahead Nero Mpeg codec. But without subs.

I tried virtually every option in the menus, and I either run it without subs, or it crashes the first time a subtitle appears.

I attached the error file which XP wants to send, I assume it holds the details on the crash (memory locations, etc. Got no idea, really)

I use Windows XP Pro with SP1, on a AMD Athlon XP+ running at 1600Mhz, with 256 megs of DDR333 ram and a Geforce MX440 video card with 64 megs of ram on it. No other OGM video I have acts like this, only the FLCL eps I have (all of them).

Turbo 27th November 2003 05:57 PM

Oh, and I tried WMP6.4, WMP7 and Winamp with the video too, non of them crashed, so its a bug in BSplayer, not the video itself.

Turbo 27th November 2003 08:33 PM

I installed VobSub, and now I can manage to get it working - if I do not use Vobsub for the subs, they will be ugly and out of position for the longer texts, but with Vobsub they work correctly.

Too bad tho, the fonts used by BSplayer are prettier, I can't set them to look exactly like that with Vobsub. At least its working now...

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