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Pnar 16th December 2003 04:22 PM

subtitles with mkv : BSP=> KO. mpc, wmp9=> OK ???

I've got some problems with subtitles and mkv format :
-> with mpc AND wmp9, I can choose subtitles (with directvobsub)
-> playing the mkv file with BSPlayer, directvobsub also auto-loads, but it doesn't find any subtitle and I can't read them (the list box is empty)

In BSPlayer, I've tried overlay1, 2, vmr9, enabling/disabling BS subs, ogg subs.same behavior. furthermore, the subtitles mechanism in BSPlayer also fails to load the subs in mkv ... (he doesn't find them)

Does anyone have a clue to read these subs?
which filter is needed? specific mode? force a DS filter? ...?

Maybe, it is known that some type of subs are not readable in mkv with BSPlayer ...

ps : BSPlayer1.00 build 803

sunkist 26th December 2003 04:05 AM

advice: get rid of dvobsub... BSplayer has its own support for works for mkv but theres a string manupilation prob with the subs in mkv, where when the previous line is longer then the next line, text from the previous line will show in the next line, for eg:

Correct sub:

BSplayer plays:

its fine with other formats though, problem only occurs with mkv subs which are in unicode

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