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stand 18th October 2019 08:05 AM

Some MKV files recognized only as Audio files..
Yesterday I tried to watch some new movie, it's mkv file, and BS Player can see it only as Audio file. When I try to play it, there is only sound, no video screen at all, not even blank nor black screen. My BS Player opens other MKV files, just this one is kind of a problem. VLC player opens that file without a glitch.
I tried every solution that I found on this forum and elsewhere, nothing helped. Only change I have noticed happened when I changed video rendering in BS Player to VR7 - I got black screen and audio.
I'd like to add that I had the same problem last year on previous PC that I used, on Windows 10. Somewhere I found solution then, now I can't :mad
I use Windows 10, BS Player ver. 2.63. I allowed installation of all codecs that BS Player automatically installs, including Haali.

When I use codecmanager I see
Flash Video (FLV),

MPEG2 Decoder,

MPEG Audio Decoder,

Haali Media Spliter,

RealMedia Splitter and

AC3 Filter on the list.

Also, file which BS Player sees as audio file has number "265" used in title, so I suppose its made by using h265 codec. Could it be the root of this problem?
I checked out again, I can use BS Player to open other MKV files, even those new ones work ok. Any suggestions :confused:?

adicoto 18th October 2019 06:46 PM

Uninstall MPEG2, haali, flv, realmedia and install LAV filters

stand 18th October 2019 09:08 PM

Hi Adicoto!
Thank you for your prompt answer! :beer:

Can you please tell me what I actually need to do - when I open Codec Manager from BS Player folder, there is a list of those codecs which I can install or uninstall, so I suppose that I need to go there to uninstall MPEG2, Haali, FLV and RealMedia, but how to install LAV filters? When I installed BS Player I accepted to install codecs offered on the list, should I go to find LAV filters somewhere on internet and install that package separately? Will it affect other codecs which are already internally installed on my computer?
Please, sorry if those questions are dumb :rolleyes: - I don't see option to install LAV filters from BS Player..

I am a bit cautious about installing new codecs on PC which otherwise works well, I had problem about it before and it gave me huge headache.. :angry:
All the best!

adicoto 20th October 2019 04:28 PM

LAV filters it's the second option from the top in codecmanager.
It should be enough for 99% of video files.

stand 20th October 2019 04:35 PM


This is what I see when I open codecmanager:

I use BS Player ver. 2.63, build 1071.

I don't know why I don't have LAV Filters as choice..

adicoto 25th October 2019 07:41 PM

It's a veeeeeeery old version.
Install the latest. Should find LAV filters.

stand 3rd November 2019 02:40 PM

Thanks Adicoto!

Trick with newer version of BS PLayer worked well :cool.
Now I have LAV filters activated.

I tested it and it seems BS Player now can play h265 coded videos.
Thank you for your help!

All the best! :teeth:

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