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Freak_66 24th January 2004 12:56 PM

cpu load very high with new bsplayer
with the latest version of bsplayer (ever since the 1.x ) I have a cpu load of around 80,90 or sometimes for longer times 100% cpu load. is this normal????

i have an amd athlon 2200+
1024mb ddr Ram

with the 0.8 version their where no problems. I used especially the bsplayer 0.8 versions because of their low cpu usage and quick reaction in the menu's etc. with the 1.x version it became as slow as mediaplayer9 .

so am I the only one with this problem of is this a problem many people have seen????

adicoto 24th January 2004 02:39 PM

Running on an Celeron@1466/256 SDRAM/tnt2m64-32MB, never had so much usage. But it is real that verson 1 uses more CPU power than older versions. Maybe you disabled "use overlay mode 1" and run under "force rgb mode" that is CPU consuming.

Freak_66 24th January 2004 06:59 PM

I checked that but is wasn't disabled.
I''m just checking different movies and divx and it looks like that the cpu load is different with each different type of film(fragment).
could this be caused by my divxcodec????
just a thought.

thanx for replying by the way

adicoto 24th January 2004 07:28 PM

Version 1 seems to have the ability to use "proper codec", so if you have an div3 coded movie it is opened with the divx3 decoder. Div3 movies are "lighter" than div5 or latest xvid coded ones. So, I assume that is the cause for some variations. Another one is the ripping quality itself, like bitrate, keyframe arangement and video resolution. If the bitrate is high the file is larger, quality is better, more speed requiered. Also large resolutions require more power. This could be another explanation. But not for YOU CPU. It is strong enough for any actual movie. But there is also another post concerning a fast cpu with the same problem. Let's see what came up.

Freak_66 25th January 2004 07:05 PM

I reinstalled my computer yesterday because of an major crash of windows.
so now I have an clean system and still a cpu load of about 80 to 97 % (also with mpeg and low quality divx)
I find it still very strange.

I use Ace Mega Codec Pack 431 have any one else problems with this codec pack???

qspock 27th January 2004 04:05 AM

There is an option in video settings called "Disable YV12 format". It is ticked by default. If you untick it you will get exactly the same cpu usage as the old 0.8x versions.

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