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Grandizer 26th January 2004 08:25 PM

Video corrupted if YV12 mode enabled in VobSub
I'm having the following problem with all BSPlayer versions, even the latest 804 build.

I'm using a Radeon 9200 SE VGA-card with the latest Catalyst drivers in Windows XP SP1.
I'm trying to watch AVI files with external subtitles (SSA or VobSub format). The same happens with OGM files with embedded SRT subs too.
If I enable YV12 mode in the color tab of DirectVobSub (version 2.23), the video gets corrupted: shifted ghosting in the background with colored horizontal lines similiar to interlacing. For example, you see the table, and to its right there is a ghost of it with brown lines.
Overlay mode 2 solves that problem, but then the video stutters.
VMR9 solves the problem, but then the video becomes blurry!
Returning to YUY2 in DirectVobSub is no option, because YUY2 overlay is bad: jaggies on solid colors like red.
I don't have this problem in Windows Media Player, and I can tell it's YV12 overlay because there are no jaggies in the solid colors.

Hope this get solved in the next BSPlayer version.

This happens only with videos that have a vertical resolution not divisible by 32. Which means 640x480 and 512x384 work fine, but 576x432 and 448x336 show the problem.

Grandizer 2nd March 2004 07:11 PM

It's still the same in build 807.

Please tell me if the issue will be adressed soon or not.

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