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Flex 28th March 2004 07:40 PM

ATI Radeon & overlay reset problem... again
Hi ppl, On a couple of pcs here with different ATI Radeons varyng from 9500 nonPro, 9500Pro, 9600 pro/nonpro, 9700 pro/nonPro and Catalyst drivers from 3.9 to 4.3 & Omega variants bsplayer is showing exactly the same bug - everytime a movie is played the overlay settings being reset to 0 i.e. black screen. I'm starting to get bored of getting to display->overlay->defaults each time... all tries are with bsplayer 1.00 803-807. WMP plays movies fine but... I don't like it :) On the NVidia Ti4200, MX400, MX200 the problem does not show so it's something between ATI & bsplayer. The solution is to turn on RGB mode (with a couple of bsplayer crashes) but that's not good... do you have some solution to it?


adicoto 28th March 2004 07:58 PM

Running on an Radeon 7000, using latest catalist, overlay MODE2 all is working fine.

Imp 31st March 2004 01:09 PM

Indeed the overlay problem still excists in bsplay100.803!!! I stopped using bsplayer since I bought a radean 9800 card because of this problem. Tried overlay mode 2, still resest the overlay so i get a black screen, have to change overlay settings manually to default and then I can watch the movie. Every time bsplayer starts the overlay is f*cked ! Tried about all settings there are ... :s
Btw: I run windows .NET server 2003 Standard edition.


Imp 31st March 2004 01:13 PM

I meant bsplay100.807 :)

adicoto 31st March 2004 10:58 PM

Seems there are some problems under 2003, because nVidia based cards have same issues.

Flex 11th April 2004 10:23 AM

I think I checked to send me email when someone answers this thread...
anyway, mode2 is not working for me too, using 2003 std :)
It's hard to say 2003 have problems because with bsplayer.... the fact is that MP is working, Radlight too, CrystalPlayer also... should I continue?
The problem is in bsplayer and it's nasty - I can't stop using bsp, I'm in love with this program but once again to the developers - Please Please Please Plese Fix!

bst 11th April 2004 10:39 PM

This is actually bug in ATI drivers.
When you request info about brightness etc and if it's supported at all, ATI
reset all to 0.
This happens if you are using ffdshow.
When you press Play, FFDshow will try to get info, if color controls are supported and ATI reset them to 0.
It's not visible in other players, because they use default video renderer and usually they not provide interfaces for color controls.
Try to disable FFDshow and it won't be reset to 0 anymore.
You can reproduce this for ex. in graphedit, if you insert Overlay mixer (which provides interface for setting brightness, contrast etc) and ffdshow and then render file.
Or try to force other players to use Overlay mixer and it will be the same.

Imp 16th April 2004 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by bst
This happens if you are using ffdshow.

Ahaa, so that was the problem. How to make it work:
Go to ffdshow configuration, Overlay, activate overlay control, put brightness on about 1500, contrast 10000, saturation 10000, Sharpness 5, gamma 250 (you can experiment with some values) and voila !!


yrtimiD 27th April 2004 11:14 AM

in win2003 std + nVidia geforce2 mx/mx400 it's happens too!
But ONLY when u close bsplayer, saturation value jumps to something like 4000% (not constant).

sorry about my english.

yrtimiD 27th April 2004 11:29 AM


Try to disable FFDshow and it won't be reset to 0 anymore.
2 bst: can you tell me how?

Flex 28th April 2004 11:49 AM

yrtimiD - by not using it at all and install divx... it's shame :(
bst thanks.
imp - yea, but you receive bad picture compared to the original values... at least I found no way to get it as good as it was before...

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