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deff 24th May 2004 08:04 PM

some 808 bugs i've found
- jump forward key pressed more than cca 4 times causes bsp to crash (it would be good to make rewinding thru keyboard a bit more intelligent, something like radlight 3 had, jumping on key release, duration of keypress should define a distance by which to jump, best by slowly growing rate with visual notification of destination time)
- can't create primary surface error after switch to another directx app (game) while playing (this one's way too long present)
- audio desynchs after some time (ffdshow audio + enhancer 017 as filter, could be the cause but i've seen some ppl complaing here too)
- i haven't found a way how to move subtitles to black area added to picture while in full screen (worked before, but i could miss it somewhere)
- doubleclick to fullscreen missing (a lot)

and one feature request : adding the ability to play content streamed by windows media services (mms:// and http:// streams). i don't want to use some lame4ss wmp for this.

otherwise, bsp rocks.

trodas 24th May 2004 11:16 PM

I agree with all, except moving the subtitles :wink:
They can be moved when the subtitles positon, just use the subtitles menu, while playing on fullscreen, and move then as much down, as you wish :twisted:

However, there is a quirk in subtitles :roll:

If there is enabled the fon antialiasing AND the font resize in case that the subtitle line is too long, THEN then antialiasing are gone forever, when the subtitles hit the limit and get resized down a bit :wink:

Another problem is, that when the video is played on fullscreen in low resolution mode, like 512x384 or 576x432 or 640x480, then it get improperly centered on screen - the video are at bottom of the screen, far from center :roll:

deff 24th May 2004 11:27 PM

ok i just checked those bugs again, and
- i can't reproduce that forward button crash for now
- i found a way how to move subs to black area (overlay1 + draw subs to overlay disabled (kinda weird imo)), but i found that subs won't show while using vmr9
- subs won't disappear when turned off

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