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doc brazen 17th June 2002 07:13 AM

Video off center in full screen mode

I have been using BSPlayer for awhile now and in v0.85 Build 486 and 488 I noticed that for some videos in full screen mode the video is off center. I have not had this happen before v.85 Build 486. The problem happens to video encoded at 640x386, I'm not not sure if the codec matters but the video I am watching now with the problem is a divx 3.11 movie. Normaly this wide screen movie will be in the center of the screen with equal black areas above and bellow the screen but for some reason these video are displayed 'higher' then normal. I have 'Keep aspect ratio' selected and I have aspect ratio set to 'Orginal.' Also, I am using overlay mode 1; using mode 1, 2, or no overlay does not help.

I have found a quick fix for this, if I select aspect ratio to '16:9' or I switch from '16:9' back to 'Orginal' sometimes it fixes it self.

Windows XP Pro
nvidia gforce 2 400mx 64 megs
nvidia detonator xp drivers v28.32
directx 8.1

-doc brazen

cricridam 17th June 2002 12:40 PM

video off center
I had the same problem as you,because you must not use size in full screen but in start
In preferences use definition you want at start switch to (your size for me 800*600*32bits) and not in full screen
Use overlay mode 2 to autostart the player
It's work !!!!!!!!
Excuse me for my english but i'm french and i don't write very good!!!
Mail me at if you don't have understand.[/url]

xlv600 18th June 2002 05:07 PM

To doc: To reset all offset/resize settings in fullscreen mode use NumPad key "5"

To cricridamour: In this forum you can now check "Notify me when a reply is posted", if you have forgotten something you can even edit your post (when logged)

To everybody: Key "F1" is linked to a minimal help, remember before posting.

doc brazen 18th June 2002 11:51 PM

Thanks for the help everyone.

-doc brazen

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