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gircobain 16th July 2004 11:23 PM

Matroska files and subtitles
When loading a .mkv file ending in CD1, CD2 ou CD3, builtin subtitles do not show, even though they show up listed in the subtitles menu

This bug still persists in build 810

Regardless of that, congrats to the dev team, matroska support is almost perfect and the player looks great, standing atop the other ones.

PicNiK 17th July 2004 01:43 PM

Perhaps you should try Media Player Classic: (NOT windows mediaplayer)

I think it has the best support for Matroska (the author of this player is also the author of matroska splitter). But attention: You need to set in Options (Playback, Output) the setting "DirectShow Video" to "VMR9 renderless" or "VMR7 renderless" otherwise you won't see any subtitles. 17th July 2004 02:03 PM
Did not work with matroska files properly.

gircobain 17th July 2004 11:01 PM

I know about Media Player Classic, and I know it has the best support for matroska files, and I use it eventually
That's why I keep pointing out these incorrect behaviours, so they may be fixed and BSPlayer eventually surpass MPC when it comes to matroska support ;)

elguaxo 19th July 2004 03:59 AM

BSPlayer plays Matroska Subtitles just fine. The question is, in what format are the builtin subtitles in your matroska files? If they are of the SRT type, BSPlayer can play them without any problems. But if the builtin subs are .IDX/.SUB, you need the VSFilter available here:

gircobain 19th July 2004 06:44 AM

Please reread my post
This has to do with files whose filenames end in "CD1", "CD2" or "CD3", for example:

And please refrain from telling me the obvious

elguaxo 19th July 2004 11:35 AM

Please read my post and please refrain from telling me the obvious...

The file names have nothing to do with the type of builtin subtilte format that Matroska file can have.

I know the subtitles are 'inside' a .MKV file, but they have a format. They can be SRT, SMI, IDX/SUB, etc. You don't see them as a separate file, they are builtin, but if the format is IDX/SUB, you need for example the VSFilter. I can't reproduce your problem, perhaps it happens only with a particular subtitle format.

So... do you know the format of the builtin subtitles in your files?

gircobain 19th July 2004 02:46 PM

Of course I know, I made this rip myself
They are srt, and were muxed with mmg
This seems to be related to BSPlayer's feature that when a file ends in "CD1", "CD2" or "CD3", looks for additional files to add to the playlist
Somehow it is interfering with subtitles loading
If I change the termination, subs are loaded just fine

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