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unionjacker 3rd August 2004 08:13 AM

Subtitles don't autoload at start of movie.
I have the autoload sub box checked. The subs have been renamed to fit the movie file and placed in the root directory that BSP checks. One that I designated in the subtitles menu.

But the subs don't automatically load with the movie. I have to manually load them. However once the subs are loaded, they do auto load for the next movie in the play list. That's great except for the audio/video synch problem that occurs when a movie loads with subs from the play list. But that's another problem I have posted here also.

BSPeter 3rd August 2004 07:15 PM

Do you mean the box "Auto load any subtitles in current directory"?
That need not be selected if subs have the same name (except for extension of course) as the moviefile. (Only do not check "Subtitles disabled" of course.)
Hmmm, strange :?
You're sure that BSPlayer is natively displaying subtitles and that no other program (running in parrallel) is used?

unionjacker 4th August 2004 03:38 AM

Yes load from default directory.
Yeah, I got all the subtitles files in one folder which is the default directory. I've done quite a few changes in other parts of BS, so this is currently fixed. But who knows how long it will last. BS is so temperemental.

Should I leave subtitles files within the same folder as the corresponding movie files ?

or just group all subtitles in one folder and set that as default directory?

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