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Garet_Jax 12th September 2004 12:15 AM

bug: unicode support + matroska handling
at the beginning I would like to say that I think that BSplayer is the best player (maybe except Windows Media Player... ^_^) in the whole, err... e-world , so keep up the good work!
Now comes the "but" part:
... but, recently when trying to watch one of my favourite anime movies (anime = subs needed) I noticed that I can't view subtitles(!) After a short investigation I came to conclusion that the reason of such behavior is that BSplayer can't properly handle UTF-8 encoded subtitles. O_O huh?
Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunatelly these subtitles were in mkv file... so I had to rip them off from mkv file, and then resave in Notepad as ANSI text. After that it worked without problem.
I also noticed that for some reason it's impossible to force BSplayer to play mkv files using standard Direct Show filters (mkv splitter, VSFilter - which CAN read UTF subtitles). Basically I think that making BSplayer do some things by itself, instead of using DS fiters, is a good option, but imho when You do that You should leave a way for people to turn it off.

So, basically I have two requests/bug reports:
1) make BSplayer able to read UTF-8 subtitles
2) make an option (series of options) in BSplayer, so it will be possible to handle playing files ONLY by Direct Show filters.

Some additional info:
Win XP Pro SP1 (can't install SP2... could it be that there is no Polish version yet? O_o)
mkv movie: DivX 5, ogg, english and polish subs

Garet Jax

P.S.: sorry for not using search button, but it's too late now to do such time absorbing thing... night... zzzzzz~~~

Garet_Jax 12th September 2004 06:30 PM

Now some update.
I turned on computer this morning, and tried to play same file as before and... it worked! All the subs from within mkv file were displaying properly. And I haven't change anything... O_O

Anyway, both problems are still actual, because it can happen again, and using VSFilter is a good alternative, at least in critical situations.
Also I've done some tests today and:
1) english, polish, japanese subs are properly displayed by BSplayer when in mkv files
2) english and polish subs are properly displayed when SubRIP file is saved as ANSI (in Notepad)
3) no subs are displayed when srt file saved as any unicode (UTF-16, UTF-8). BSplayer just ignore them, as if it was file with no subs.

I use VDubMod to encode mkv files. I have polish Windows.

bst 14th September 2004 08:24 AM

UTF-8 subtitles in MKV files are supported, but external not yet.
There will be support in next build.

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