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XeCutor 16th September 2004 11:15 AM

The one thing I wanted in Bsplayer Pro isn't working!
I think I've tried every available option but so far no luck! As soon as I enable network buffering everything I try to play results in a crash of either reclock (if I have it enabled/installed) or bsplayer if reclock is not installed. The windows error signature is as follows:
Appname: bsplayer.exe
Appver: - I'm using 1.02(!)
ModName: bsrendv2.dll
Offset: 000047f4

I get these crashed regardless of if I play a file on hdd, cd or network! As I said, this is the only feature I want in the Pro version and It's not working!

On another note, the capture-thing isn't working either. I've gota WinTV Theater card that works fine witha lot of different software titles. I get to chose capture driver and audio renderer when I start it but then all I get is a crash:

Splayer v1.02.812, Unhandled exception at EIP: 004065B7
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Access violation at address 004065B7 in module 'bsplayer.exe'. Read of address 00000004
, 0x00555DD7, 0x00555FD5, 0x00455F23, 0x0044D26E, 0x77D48709, 0x77D487EB, 0x77D4C00E, 0x77D4E366, 0x004BF541, 0x0044D26E, 0x77D48709, 0x77D487EB, 0x77D489A5, 0x77D4BCCC, 0x00455C38, 0x00557EC4, 0x7C816D4F

Bytes at EIP: FF 50 04 C3 90 83 C0 04 50 E8 5B AE FF FF C3 8B C0 83

bst 16th September 2004 11:37 AM

Sounds like you're using keygen found on internet...
If not please send mail to

XeCutor 16th September 2004 12:11 PM

You got me there.. As I said, the only feature of the pro version that I want is to be able to buffer files played over my wlan. Since you have no demo I did what I usually do when there's no demo. I try out a cracked version and if it does what I want it to do I buy it and if doesn't I fill my recycle bin with it...

Now to the problem, could you guarantee I do not have these issues once I use a bought serial? Because if not I don't want to waste my money on something I've tried and already failed with.

Edit: Question...? The lincence's, are they per user or per computer? Because I'd like to install it on my laptop and on my htpc but I'm definitely hesitant about buying it at all if I'd have to purchase two licences for 40eur. I mean, I won't be using it on both machines at once and there would be no one but me using the machines.

bst 16th September 2004 12:40 PM

Please see your pm.

aok 2nd December 2004 04:04 AM

So is this a real bug or just with some warez version?

I've been getting occasional jerks in my playback when streaming over the LAN and might be interested in the Pro version for it's network buffering feature.

ccaprar 5th December 2004 11:55 PM

network buffer does not work
Seems like the network buffer (from network or CD) does not work, the player crashes all the time immediately.

You can still access the preferences ;-).

Even if XeCutor has a SN from the Internet, I think a reply is required from the BSPlay team... There are many posts that this feature is not working, and it is definitely one of the most compelling features to make you buy the Pro version.

Or maybe publish a demo Pro version, where this feature works?

adicoto 6th December 2004 12:25 AM

I don't have a network, but buffering from drives work Ok here.
Xecutor did get an answer. Read the messge, it say "please see your PM"

ccaprar 6th December 2004 12:45 AM

Please point us to the reply. Except from the serial issue, I cannot see any other technical reply.


adicoto 6th December 2004 12:53 AM

THe answer is on the Private Message. Probably the technical part is there, don't you think ? Probably related tho the non-working option if the player has a cracked serial number.
And as I say, to me, from drives is working OK.

ccaprar 6th December 2004 08:50 AM

I realized after posting the message what PM means :)

So do you think it is only related to the cracked serial number? That would be easy.

ALX54 21st December 2004 09:24 AM

i bought the pro version : and i cant use tv or capture features !!
it crash !!

it's not the key ! it that version !! it bug !

cant help me ??

adicoto 22nd December 2004 09:47 PM

For bst:
Is there full support for Philips chipsets ?
Because on Conexant (878, 878A and 881) ones I've seen BSPlayer working great, but seems on Philips it has some problems.

ALX54 23rd February 2005 09:13 AM

And so, for thoses who have the problem : BS Team do what ???
Resolving the problems or doing nothing ?

Derry 25th February 2005 10:19 PM

me to
Well, my 2 cents worth.

I was in a similar boat. Wanted for Network buffer. Tried a crack. not work. Sent a message asking. Told, just buy the "real" version. Sent a message back saying can you "guarantee" that the Network buffer will work. Response... "Of course". So bought. Installed on notebook...not work... installed on second notebook...(just in case)... not work. Installed on tower... not work. Sent a message of to tech support...SILENCE. That was months ago. New version came out a few days ago, thought I would try that. Same thing.

When I say not work, I mean, there are pause/stutter in playback. I get about 10 hickups in a 45 min tv show. Real annoying. I have played with settings, overlays, etc. Nothing fixes.

I am using 11b wireless to my notebooks, and with buffering off, or just using WMP, I get about 15 or 20 stutters/hickups per 45 min show. So something is working... but not totally.

I have the buffer set to 15 MB, but have tried it at 100 MB, and once it is full, it shows that it stays full, but I still get the jitters.

So be warned... buying will not fix. The cracked version did exactly the same on one of my notebooks. And yes...I wasted $30. Stupid me.

Tizio 26th February 2005 12:08 PM

Re: me to

Originally Posted by Derry
So be warned... buying will not fix. The cracked version did exactly the same on one of my notebooks. And yes...I wasted $30. Stupid me.

You are not stupid, since BSplayer is an active project and your license will work still for next releases, and if you still on reporting bugs "sooner or later" they will be fixed....

I totally agree with you and your rage, 'cause if you pay something that someone told you it's working, and then you'll find out it's not "totally" true, is really annoying.

Maybe there should be a TRY&BUY version, but I think that the anti-cracking policy of BSplayer's team prohibits this request to be accomplished..


Originally Posted by Derry
Sent a message of to tech support...SILENCE

On the other hand, the support for registered users not "should" but "must" be kept!!

The same thing is for those who wants to know if BSplayer supports specific cipsets or not!

Hope that BSplayer's team will contact you (anybody) as soon as possible!

Bye, Tizio :)

Tizio 4th March 2005 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto
For bst:
Is there full support for Philips chipsets ?
Because on Conexant (878, 878A and 881) ones I've seen BSPlayer working great, but seems on Philips it has some problems.

My TV Tuner has Philips SAA7134 chipset, and have no problem when capturing...

adicoto 4th March 2005 10:20 PM

Thank you for posting. I am sure all this posts will help bst in his work. My tuner is working even under longhorn 4074. Powered by BSPlayer :lol:

fc3slider 24th April 2005 03:27 AM

it doesnt read my tv tuner device. when i right click the "open device" is greyed. what do i do to fix this?

i have 1.22 pro build 817

Tizio 24th April 2005 10:14 AM

Have you registered BSplayer?? If not you can't access to Pro version features (like the TVtuner function)!

On how to register (AND BEFORE POSTING) read this post:
ITEM: (f)

If so, have you installed all the TVtuner drivers? Otherways BSplayer can't recognise your tuner...

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