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Jeraden 12th October 2004 08:44 PM

Problem playing some mpeg2 files with new nvidia decoders
I just got Theatertek 2.0 last night, which includes the latest and greated Nvidia mpeg2 decoders (4.something-or-other). Now BSPlayer is using those decoders when it plays mpeg2 files. For some reason, playing back mpeg2 files recorded from a PVR250 via SageTV have audio hiccups and video stutters every second. This doesn't happen with other mpeg2 files, just ones from the sagetv app. I've never had a problem playing these back with other video decoders. I have sagetv configured to use these decoders as well, and it can play it back fine through that application, so its specific to bsplayer.

Not sure what else to say really... anyone else have access to this codec that can try playing a sagetv recorded mpeg2 file to see if they have issues?

Also, is there any way to manually specific what decoder to use to get around this problem, so I can pick something else?

Jeraden 13th October 2004 02:30 AM

Well it turned out its a problem with the nvidia audio decoder. I used some program called filtermanager to set the directshow filter priorities so it wouldn't use that one anymore. So now its picking up some other one and everything plays back smoothly now.

Not sure whats wrong with that nvidia audio decoder, if anyone wants to check on that one. Works fine in sagetv. However both bsplayer and windows media player choke on it.

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