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trodas 26th November 2002 05:25 PM

Fullscreen resolution switching
build 490 allow me to change the resolution - for example switch to 512x384 for Apocalapse Now.
Tought, then screen was got only 1/3 or its height... :cry: :roll:

So, i DL the b 492 in hope, that maybe miracle happens and... And it really happens. But the whole BSPlayer crashed, when i do the described above, leaving me alone into windows, surprisingly running into 512x384 resolution, where the OK buttons cant be reached by mouse :evil:

Well, i get back to 1024x768 by keys, but - bsp - its a bug there, please, fix it. And dont work on miracle v1 - we are like the BSplay at it is, just fix the bugs... 8-)

...ah, well, and can you add an option "noresize on fullscreen", for the movies, what dont fix into 640x480 resolution - like Austin Powers, Goldmember - its 608 pixels wide only and i do NOT like it blurred by scale, so, please... :wink:

PS. well, fullscreen switch working for 640x480, at least, not a problem. BTW, can you please show there only 32bit modes? I beleive that no-one wats 16bit quality, tought the YUV overlay quality have nothing to do with the actuall screen resolution (YUV can apear over a 8bit and still have full, 32bit alike quality) - but try explaining that to ppls, so, please... Kick these modes out to make the list shorter, and well, please allow us to set this option even when movie is loaded, thx! :wink:

trodas 2nd December 2002 07:55 PM

...sudently, with movie even smaller that the 512 pixels i found, that fullscreen with resolution switch to 512x384 IS possible 8)

Tought, as before, the movie are verticaly stretched to only 1/3 of its size... :?

But at least no crash. So, its crash only when the movie and screen resolution size (at least X) are identical :shock:
Wait, its time to try with a 640 pixels wide movie and 640x480 res...
Nope, no crash. So, for a bigger resolutions (not under 640 pixels wide) it works. Interesting.

Tought, i missing the no-scale (just center) option for fullscreen :cry:

trodas 20th January 2003 08:41 PM

Stretched overlay into 512x384 resolution... =8-/
Well, bst is right there - this bug did not happen at all on brother Radeon machine, so, its realy a nVidia related bug. :?

Damn. They should take more care about 2D part, definitively...

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