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janm 12th June 2002 02:32 AM

MPEG-2 video crashes bsplayer
When I open an MPEG-2 video stream (SVCD or VOB), bsplayer crashes. I have tried builds: 484, 486, 487 and 488. They all crash. WMP plays it correctly, but that player sucks.

I reasantly installed WinDVD 4, and I guess that bsplayer does not like this...

I use WinXP on a AMD Athlon 800MHz with 512MB RAM.

Here is a part of the log file from build 487d:
*Unhandled Exception*
EIP: 5DF83909
Invalid floating point operation
Call stack: , 0x004BB7D7, 0x004BB984, 0x00452237, 0x004498A2, 0x77D43A5F, 0x77D43B2E, 0x77D45E1D, 0x77D47076, 0x004497B1, 0x0043798B, 0x0044C367, 0x004376F3, 0x004498A2, 0x77D43A5F, 0x77D43B2E, 0x77D45874, 0x77D458A4, 0x77F5108F, 0x0044C367, 0x004376F3, 0x004498A2, 0x77D43A5F, 0x77D43B2E, 0x77D45874, 0x77D458A4, 0x77F5108F, 0x00435030, 0x0044C367, 0x00434E77, 0x00437654, 0x004376BF, 0x0044C367, 0x00434E77, 0x00433DE1, 0x004CD49B, 0x77E7EB69
Bytes at EIP:
DE F9 51 51 8D 45 44 DD 1C 24 50 E8 47 CB FF FF DD D8

I got this error after trying to open a SVCD file.

I hope this helps.

- janm

bst 12th June 2002 06:46 AM

Re: MPEG-2 video crashes bsplayer
Try to disable EQ.

janm 13th June 2002 02:02 AM

The EQ is already disabled. Besides i thought that it was completely disabled in build 488. Also AC3 sound works fine, and hasn't EQ something to do with sound? It's only the video, that doesnt work...

I can send you a complete logfile from build 487d or if you send me a debug version of build 488 I can send you a logfile from that.

- janm

bst 13th June 2002 08:08 AM

Re: MPEG-2 video crashes bsplayer
I'll look into this.
If you can please send me log file of build 488. You can find it on download page.

janm 13th June 2002 01:52 PM

Hmmm. I can't seem to find build 488d anywhere. Where can I get it from?

- janm

Smarties 13th June 2002 07:47 PM

Build 488d
Hmmm you can get build 488 [url=]here[/b]
but I haven't seen the debug version anywhere...

Bst, are you sure version 488 is debug?

Cheers, Smarties :P

Smarties 13th June 2002 07:48 PM

Sorry about the non-working url...
I meant here

Cheers, Smarties :P

bst 13th June 2002 09:16 PM

It's on download page (at the bottom)

janm 14th June 2002 04:06 AM

Ehehehe... I found it :-)

I have sent you a log-file...

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