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a 15th February 2005 01:52 PM

subtitle margin width does not work on TV mode
I am running BSPlayer 1.1 on windows XP.

I am experiencing the following problem.

I use the subtitle renderer of BSPlayer and when I play the file
on the TV, the configured subtitle margin width is not taken into account.
The result is that most of the subtitle are cut at both end.
However, it is taken into account on the monitor.
I tried to check and unckeck the box "do not apply margin on primary display", but that does not change anything.

Which is weird is that this functionality was operational on a
previous version of BSPlayer (but I don't remember which one).
However, rolling back to 1.02 does not solve the problem.

Does anybody have a clue on a possible solution.


a 2nd March 2005 02:20 PM

work around to the subtitle width margin bug
on BsPlayer 1.21 I found a work around to this problem.
I did not tested on other versions.

It seems that the properties "subtitle width margin" and "subtitle height margin" were inverted.

In order to increase the subtitle width margin I increase the
"subtitle height margin".

It seems that when I switch to Fullscreen mode and then to TV the display,
the subtitle witdth margin property is not always taken into account.
To solve this problem, while on the TV Display, I switch to the window mode, and then I switch back to the full screen mode. In summary simply hit two times F if you encounter this problem.

I hope this help.


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