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XTCDraGonZ 14th March 2005 09:13 PM

Consistent Freezing Problem with BSPlayer
I've used BSPlayer for years and i love it. I can watch near everything with it.

There's a small problem that just came up a few days ago. No matter what type of movie file i watch, (even the ones that i watched a long time ago with no problems) every 45 seconds or so BSPlayer would freeze for 2-3 seconds and then continue as usual.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing various versions of it. The problem wouldn't go away.

What should i do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe if i was able to entirely purge BSplayer from my computer and reinstall it.


The only thing i was able to figure out was that the CPU's memory usage spikes to 100% everytime it happened. Usually the memory usage is static around the 10% mark.


adicoto 15th March 2005 06:31 PM

Could you tell us what codec is used when this is happening ? Options->filters.

fhbrian 28th January 2012 10:57 PM

I may have been watching ER reruns off and on for a while.
They are all avi's off some torrent site.

This is but one file name(they come downloaded as seasons to save time/organization)

The most recent update hasn't seemed to "like" episodes 9-11 of season four. I kept putting it off, and only recently downloaded the latest update.

It feels like 7-8 years...been using BSplayer forever. First issue ever!

I have a fairly new touchscreen doubt it's a hardware issue.

Anyhow paste that into a torrent site and try for yourself or here: torrent search

Guys thanks for an awesome product and going so ridiculously long without a prob

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