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jfowler311 20th April 2005 05:11 PM

.ogm and .mkv problems
my first problem is that ogm files won't even play. i have the codecs installed and i can play them in other players just not bsplayer.

my second problem is when i play mkv files that have subtitles. i can't enable the subtitles. the option for subtitles is greyed out. i know the files have subtitles because i can enable them with other players.

any help would be appreciated.

adicoto 20th April 2005 06:40 PM

Maybe updating your matroska splitter and ogm filter ?

bluedan 25th April 2005 03:22 PM

1. Issue: Which players exactly? Direct Show players for instance?

2. Issue: Which Matroska splitter do you have installed?
The Gabest one ?
Or the Haali Media Splitter ?

The first one shouldn't have any problems with subs as long as you switch on sub rendering in bsplayer or have vsfilter installed.
BUT, if your video is AVC/h.264, Gabest filter cannot handle that. Don't know what exactly happens in this case, never tried.

The 2nd one is newer and can handle AVC/h.264 video as well as other container formats as mp4 and avi. Make your choices during installation.
This is also true for turning on subtitle support for vsfilter if you won't let bsplayer do that job.

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