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heiglman 27th August 2005 03:32 PM

Videos deleted after closing BSplayer
I have been having problems for the past few days with BS player telling me that videos were in an unknown file format, although they still played but I was not able to take caps from them

the message that popped up was 'Unknown File Format 0' and many of the videos were in movie file (mpeg) format which I had ticked in the video formats allowed section of preferences :?

However this morning after watching a Rachel Stevens video I closed the player and ALL of the video files in that particular folder were wiped from my computer :evil:

luckily I have most of my videos backed up though there are some which were not and are now lost, if I am lucky I may find them online somewhere

I have done extensive serches for them, by name and even looked in hidden files without any success whatsoever

Understanably I have now permanently deleted BS Player from my computer and only God himself will now will have the ability to convince me to re-install it ever again

The question is what went wrong? Has this happened to anyone else and if it did, what happened to their files? Did they ever find them again?

Ray :(

Tizio 27th August 2005 04:13 PM

I'm really sorry for your inconvenint (well.. problem) but I don't think that BSplayer can cause such a disaster :shock:
For the Unknown file type error I suggest you to install an MPEG2 video decoder (if you files are all MPEG2 as I assume from you post), for example the Elecard one that never gave me a problem (Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder v. 2.1)...

There are posts regarding viruses or similar in BSplayer pakages, but BSplayer NEVER gave those problems for real, viruses and similar were present only in their computers and not in BSplayer pakages, and for your problem I think (I can't assure this to you, but I'm pretty sure) that resides on your system :(

The only suggestion I can give you is to install a sort of recovery tool to rescue your deleted files, and belive me when I say that BSplayer don't delete files...

The only one REAL problem that BSplayer gave is the one present in build 815 on Windows 9.x/ME systems (the registry was screwed up).

Feel free to not install BSplayer anymore... but I will suggest you to check your system anyway, since the problem can occur again... :?

Kanoto-kun 5th September 2005 02:44 PM

i've got the same problem...but without an error message -->

keito 13th September 2005 12:05 AM

i don't really know if this is a bug or not, but files 'vanishing' DO (somehow) happen by BSplayer. i've started noticing it a week, 2 weeks at the most, ago. i watched a video, closed BSplayer and suddenly it was gone. OFCOURSE i thought of the virus, hacker or spyware crap story but non of the anti-things found anything.
it didn't just happen once or twice, no it has happend 6 times already. but as tizio thought, it seems impossible that such a program could cause this but it did. i just had one 5 min ago.
all the files in the folder where the file i was watching was located just disappeared. as if they were an illusion.

maybe it has something to do with the error trying to close the player, or maybe some alien is making fun of me but i would like a solution to this. it is extremely anoying, cause i find BSP one of the best players i've used.

btw, i havend had trouble with this with versions previous to 1.35, that is probably why people say they havent expienced it. i'm gonna try 1.36 now and hoping that that version won't have this anoying 'little' problem. if it does, something is definitely wrong then :)

Tizio 13th September 2005 10:30 AM

Try with the new version and let us know if the problem persists, or it's related only to the v1.35 Error on closing bug :wink:

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