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bambus 22nd December 2002 09:36 AM

Picture of divx movie is in negative
I have just downloaded the BSPlayer and i wanted to watch Taxi 2 movie with subtitles, but the picture was shown in negative. Other movies were shown the same as Taxi 2. only on very short movie(5 minutes) was show normaly. WHY???????? :roll:

Quietseb 31st December 2002 04:11 AM

you mean upside-down ?

if so try to poke around your filters settings (e.g. divxg400, DirectVobSub, ffdshow...)
one of them wil most probably have a flip option

either you're lucky enough to fiind some settings that show all your movies the right way at first try, or you'll have to switch the flip thing on/off every time needed ;)

ddd 31st December 2002 01:36 PM

Where i can find the filter? How do I know that I have the filters installed?

Quietseb 31st December 2002 02:56 PM

divxg400 will show a small blue screen in the systray when loaded
right-clic on it, select divxg400 in the popup menu to access its config

DirectVobSub will show a greenish curved arrow in the systray when loaded. right-clic on it, select directvobsub in the popup menu to access its config

if in doubt, you can search your disks for files:

(I think you would know if ffdshow was installed, whereas divxg400 and dvobsub are often silently included in packs or software installs)

If you wan't to access one filter configuration at any time, you cantry and create a shortcut with the following command line:

rundll32.exe "[PATH_TO_AX_FILE]",Configure

rundll32.exe "[PATH_TO_AX_FILE]",configure
(the c or C depends on the filter/filter version)

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