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kismet 24th December 2002 12:04 PM

Have someone tryed Chapter View with bplay.bsi?
Hi all,
there si the trouble:
if I use Chapter Viewer and double-click on avi file, the Chpater Viewer work fine, instead if I use Chapter Viewer and double-click on bplay.bsi I have the following trouble:

1 - The Chapter Preview are showen but if I click on any Image the film didn't jump to the selected chapter; the same, if I choose chapter from menu Chapter the film didn't jump to anything... ( I tryed with or without the section ChpaterX in bsi)

2 - If I The section [ChaptersX] of bsi file is overidden by CHF file and the CHf Chpater are display

3 - If I use NumberCDs and [ChaptersX] with StartAt option it always ask me for the wrong or the unexisting CD...

P.S.: Sorry for my English, I'm Italian...

Quietseb 31st December 2002 05:40 AM

It won't help you, but it works perfectly for me when I use the bsi file...

instead I've got nothing when using only the AVI file
which seems correct given I usually don't have any chf file (and when I added one, it had no effect)

I've only got the cbf file for the chapters viewer (which I believe does not contain more than the images ?), the avi file and the bsi file with the Chapters1 and Chapters2 sections in it.

are you sure your bsi files are correct ?

TopGun 3rd February 2003 09:21 PM

.chf Problem
I have the same problem: with both .bsi and .chf chapters does not work! Neither when i try to change them through sub menu, nor by pressing Ctrl+V and selecting by mouse. All files remain on CD. When i copy to harddrive only .avi, .bsi and .cbf everything works fine.

BSPlayer version 086 build 493

Here are my files:

Title=ERA - The Legend

1=00:00:04 Intro
2=00:01:41 Ameno
3=00:05:30 Mother
4=00:09:48 Enae Volare Mezzo
5=00:13:41 Misere Mani
6=00:17:51 Divano
7=00:21:40 Infanati


And the .chf:

1=00:00:04 Intro
2=00:01:41 Ameno
3=00:05:30 Mother
4=00:09:48 Enae Volare Mezzo
5=00:13:41 Misere Mani
6=00:17:51 Divano
7=00:21:40 Infanati

nicestpcboy 6th February 2003 02:50 PM

Same problem here
I got the same problem !!

Bug Report - BSPlayer (v0.86 build 493)

I have a .avi-movie with chapters in .cbf & ..chf format.

If I start the movie manually and load the chapters from within BSPlayer everything works great.

But if I make a .bsi file with the chapters included i get the following error:
-I can see the names of all chapters BUT if I choose one of them the player will NOT forward to that chapter. (the timestamps in the ..bsi file are correct)

And I can also verify that there is no mark on the first chapter when I start the movie from a .bsi file. (If I load everything manually I'll see a "v" infront of the first chapter)

xlv600 6th February 2003 03:16 PM

I guess that QuietSeb runs his movies on HD. It's the way I do and I have exactly the same results as him.

:( My opinion is that BSI support is very weird, for not saying bugged.
- Vobub subtitles are not properly loaded, especially thru LAN access.
- Behaviour is different whether the movie is located on CD or HD, (which make me think it could be a bug in an openfile settings).
- BSI files can't be stored as Last movie for auto play at start and can't be chained in LST files, that's really a shame as it could solve many issues.

Quietseb 6th February 2003 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by xlv600
I guess that QuietSeb runs his movies on HD

Well yes, usually that's what I do.

But I just tested a bsi + avi + cBf combination from CD and it works perfectly
(I do not use cHf files, I don't need them since it works okay with the bsi)

I'll have a try with vobsub thru network in a few minutes

no problem with vobsub for me ... :|

xlv600 7th February 2003 07:37 PM

Sorry QuietSeb, I omitted to remind of that on the combination BSI+LAN the issue is linked to the line:
As stated in ini_files.html, I need this to default on subtitles turned off, but keep the ability to easily turn them on.

I've associated [Ctrl+S] to switch subtitles on/off and [S] to cycle subtitles. Those shortcuts work with AVI, but not with BSI files. In that case, subtitles can't be cycled this way, the only efficient one is to use the vobsub's properties way.

I would be happy to share your experience on this topic.


Quietseb 7th February 2003 10:19 PM

here are my results:

bsi file, vobsub subtitles with DefaultSub=0 and LAN


I have no problem at all making subtitles appear/disappear using a shortcut.

On the other hand, I had trouble cycling through subs languages using a keyboard shortcut.
Sometimes, when the starting sub is english, I can switch to french once but that's all. If starting sub is french, there's nothing I can do.
(in the idx file, french is the first of the 2 languages)

You should be careful when you set the shortcuts. Maybe [ctrl+S] is already associated with another action.
In my case, it was associated to "audio stream volume cycle" (I think it's default setting, I can't remember changing this one).
Thus when I associated it to cycle subtitles, trying to use it had no effect. I had to manually delete the association I didn't need.

ok don't read the last paragraph, I forgot you wrote it worked when using AVI - no BSI

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