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preky 17th February 2006 11:57 AM

Additional media keybord keys not working properly
I have assigned my additional media keybord keys for action play/pause/stop/next/previous for windowd and full screen mode.
They all work fine just on the first press, after that it seems that focus on BSplayer is transfered somewhere else and if i don't make mouse click on movie window to make it active keyboards don't work, if I click they do as I described on the first click.

It seems that focus is transfered to taskbar, as it shows after first keypress (only in full-screen mode).

Keybord Logitech G-15. It would be nice to see info of media on LCD also :)

Tizio 17th February 2006 05:16 PM

Maybe it could also be a problem of your keyboard if it can't find BSplayer if it's not the on top window... is there a config file with the settings to associate keys to BSplayer?
Thake a look also to these posts:
Multimedia keys supported ?

For LCD thake a look at these:
Character LCD Plugin
jaLCDs plugin
Smartie LCD

Bye :wink:

preky 22nd February 2006 11:32 AM

Thank you for your reply...
I haven't tested yet those plugins... but i will do it latter today.

Problem with media keys is that they are working but the latest version i have downloaded is acting funny :) and without using media keys...

movies split in two files are doing funny things on my monitor... hopefully i'm watching on tv in theater mode so i doesn't affect on movie itself played on tv. When the first movie ends and starts the second, taskbar is shown :) as I pressume focus from bsplayer is transfered on app in try, can't remeber how it's call something with divx icon..., and think that is the problem.
although i have configured keys they work until the first press on them, except play/puse button that is working ok. Focus is just transfer somwhere else and that's the problem.

BSPeter 22nd February 2006 12:38 PM

Just an odd question: are you also aware of darkain's post? There is a direct link to it in item (d) under "MISCELLANEOUS" of my Help2Help-post.

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